Term and Condition


  1. Annual membership is one year from the date of joining.
  2. Membership is not transferable, but can be deferred or refunded at the Committee’s discretion.
  3. All members are encouraged to participate in fundraising events, as these are essential to the survival of the Library.
  4. Members are responsible for notifying the Membership Officer or Librarian of any changes to your address or telephone number.
  5. Membership may be cancelled at the discretion of the Committee.


  1. There are two main types of membership and two subsidised types. Please see our membership page for details.


  1. Families who have chosen a “Duty” membership must do a library duty once per term.
  2. Duty members help to check in returned toys, keep the shelves tidy and do various odd jobs to help us keep the library running. Rostered duties are a fantastic way to see all the toys on offer in the library, meet other people in your community, and to see how the library works.
  3. Before the start of each term, a roster will be distributed. If you are unable to do your duty on the day, it is your responsibility to swap with another member. If no replacement can be found notify the Roster officer. The name and phone number of the Roster officer is printed on your toy receipt.
  4. Session 1 is from 9-10.30 and session 2 is from 10.15-11.45am. Duties involve assisting the Librarian to set up the library before the session starts, help run the library during the session and pack up at the end.
  5. Failure to turn up for a rostered duty will result in a fine of $20

Borrowing Toys

  1. Toys are issued for a period of three weeks.
  2. Each family may borrow a maximum of 5 items.
  3. All members must count toys by the description on the label before they are issued, as once they are issued they are the full responsibility of the member. Report any missing pieces to the Librarian when the toys are issued.
  4. There is no cost for the loan of any of the toys once you are a member, except over the summer holiday period when we are closed and hire out our larger toys to our members for a fixed price.
  5. Please do not exchange toys with other members or friends or borrow toys on their behalf.
  6. Please care for toys so that others may continue to enjoy them after you. Please store toys somewhere dry and secure.
  7. Specific toys may be reserved at a charge of $1.00 per toy (see the toy catalogue at the library).
  8. Batteries are not supplied by the toy library.
  9. It is your responsibility to ensure appropriate toys are chosen for your child(ren), and to supervise and protect children from toys that may be unsuitable for their age.

Returning Toys

  1. All toys must be returned clean, dry, undamaged and with all pieces, including the bags or containers.
  2. Please bring your library receipt when returning toys.
  3. When returning toys, members are required to help the duty member to count the pieces and then put the toys in the cupboards.
  4. If a toy needs repair or is becoming unsafe in any way, please notify the duty member or Librarian.
  5. If you return a toy in a dirty condition, the toy will be reissued to you to clean it. If you decline to clean a dirty toy, you will be fined a $5 cleaning fee.
  6. Toys returned a week or more overdue will incur a fine which is currently $1 per week per toy.

Missing or Broken Pieces / Toys

  1. If a piece of toy is missing, the toy will be re-issued to you for another three weeks so you can find the missing piece. If the piece cannot be found or is broken, you will be charged $5 per piece. Alternatively the borrower may, with the approval of a Committee member, provide a suitable replacement piece, which must match as closely as possible (quality, size, colour, function) to the original piece. The fine is refundable should the piece subsequently be returned before purchase of a replacement.
  2. Missing or damaged boxes, containers or bags will incur a charge - minimum $5.