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12 months (4 duties)


6 months (2 duties)


3 months (1 duty)


12 months


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3 months


12 months (4 duties)


6 months (2 duties)


3 months (1 duty)


* With a New Zealand SuperGold card


What do duties involve?

Our library runs on the involvement of our members, so we encourage everyone to be a duty member if they can. Duties are a fantastic way to see all the toys on offer in the library and meet other people in our community.

During your duty, you will help to check-in returned toys, keep the shelves tidy and do various odd jobs to help us keep the library running.

Before the start of each term, a roster is distributed. If you're unable to do your duty on the assigned day, we ask that you swap your duty in advance with another member. Session 1 is from 9-10.30 and session 2 is from 10.15-11.45am.

For more information on duties and duty membership see our Terms and Conditions page.